LA on 35


The beauty of having a blog with no readership is the ability to go back and completely rewrite a post and no one would be the wiser. If there was one weather forecast that gets me excited is the high chance for rainy skies and, basically, nothing resembling the average California day.

Thank god for simulated rain… No, thank god for simulated rain with motion tracking so we don’t have to get wet.

Sometime mid November, I remember buying tickets to LACMA for the Rain Room in mid March. Although it’s not exactly what I would call “spontaneous,” the day itself was just that, spontaneous: no plans, aside from the one item on the itinerary get to LACMA before 4:45.

In door torrential downpour, a brief tour of the exhibits, and a meal of Korean BBQ later, I found myself burning the midnight oil (in this case literally) to get back to San Diego to study for the next day midterm exam.


I wish I did this more often, a spontaneous trip, rebuilt friendships, and stellar company.